Apply These Techniques To Kill Weeds Naturally-DIY

What are Weeds?

Everyone is aware of weed plants and the causing effects them. Since many helpful types of weeds are also available, Mostly weeds grown in lawns come under unwanted types.

Commonly weeds are the plants grown up along with the plants in our lawn or garden. There is no use toward them, but it disturbs the growth of plants that reside good ones. Weeds also spoil the look of specific grass and reduce the beautiful view of your lawn. Usually, there is no benefits of weeds, more than disadvantages only. Weeds come up easier when soil is wet.

Usually, we control the growing weeds in our lawn using several techniques, naturally or artificially. But proper care must be taken while removing lawn weeds as these powerfully penetrated along with the healthy growing plants. Weeds use the same nutrients that crop plants use, often in very similar proportions. 

5 Techniques to Kill Weeds Naturally


Bunch of Rolled Newspapers

We can control the weeds and avoid the new ones growing by covering them with old unused newspapers. Applying a heavy layer of newspaper will keep sunlight from approaching weed seeds which makes the weeds not germinate.

First, let make the soil wet, and after that, lay down your newspaper. You are wetting it entirely again before covering it with fertilizer. It is a great way to recycle, and you’ll encourage earthworms to come and stay.

Corn Gluten Meal

plate filled with corn gluten

As so many of you don’t know that corn gluten meal is birth control for seeds. Just sprinkle a tiny amount of it in your garden, and it will help keep the weed seeds away from developing and growing into plants.

Generally, a corn gluten meal will keep any seed from germinating. If you have a vegetable garden, don’t try this in your vegetable garden. Unless your plants are set up, and you’ve finished planting seeds.


A spoon containing of rock salt powder

Regularly used old table salt is very effective at killing weeds growth. place just a pinch of salt over at the bottom of each plant. It will kill the weed attacker and get watered down within a couple of rainfalls.

Salt has a unique property that makes not to make live soil for over months, Since some care must be taken while applying salt to plants to get rid of weeds.

Boiling Water

Man pouring hot water into a jar

Boiling water hurts the plant tissues. One of the efficient practices of killing weeds includes boiling water and using this in places where weeds are grown more. There is no issue with this process since it does not leave any wastes on the lawn.


A cup of vinegar poured into a plate

Make sure to apply Vinegar in the daytime, as its high properties are more effective for removing weeds. This process can be done simply by using any spray type of bottle. It works better on a bright sunny day than compared to rainy days.

Like other natural herbicides, Vinegar cannot set itself apart between weeds and other plants.

Note:Since all these methods are done naturally at home using daily used products, one thing to remind while using these methods is. These are natural ingredients, so there may be chances of some side effects for plants.

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