How To Fix Ugly Lawn – [ Smart & Powerful Ways ]

The lawn is one of the essential characteristics for any homeland development; a well-ordered lawn is often at the top of the to-do list for every lawn homeowner. It is not a big deal to keep a perfect lawn. However, one has to take the necessary lawn care.

Your poor lawn needs a little tender care in spring. But do not take care properly of the lawn results in several issues that make the lawn looks ugly.

Everyone wants to have a green luscious lawn in their yards. By taking proper care and maintenance can easily make the lawn look most effective, it all starts with the basics. But with so many factors to consider, it isn’t always an easy task to take care of the lawn. If a lawn is not properly maintained, it will get useless within no time.

An ugly lawn can be very annoying and you might feel as though. And you may not be sure what’s involved with repairing an ugly lawn. Here’s a list of the good cultural practices you can do to achieve healthy and attractive grass for your lawn. By following some basic lawn care tips makes your lawn efficient.

7 Tips To Fix Ugly Lawn:


No matter how much fertilizer you buy or how many lawn care services you organize, the basic practices of mowing are essential for a well-maintained lawn. Mowing seems simple enough, but the frequency of mowing is determined by the amount of growth and will changes from season to season. 

Man working on the purpose of lawn

For better mowing, you need to obtain a good lawn mower machine that will cut evenly at the correct height. When mowing your lawn, consider these basic points in your mind.

Mow in different patterns: To avoid unsightly marks, mow the lawn in different patterns.

Regularly sharpen your mower blades: Dull blades create uneven cuts, so keep them sharp.

Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade: Cutting more than that will cause stress to the grass blades, which leads to browning.

Mow when the lawn is dry: It’s almost impossible to get a clean cut in the wet.


watering the lawn

Proper watering is another important practice to maintaining a lush, green lawn as sunlight and healthy soil. Most lawns need about one inch of water every week. It’s better to water less frequently and more deeply to promote a healthy root system. Watering a lawn seems like a simple adequate task, but most of us do not know when and how to water correctly.

There are some other points to consider while watering lawn.

Use a low-volume sprinkler:  Using a low-volume sprinkler will allow time for water absorption.

Water more around trees: Fibrous roots attached to trees lean to pull soil moisture away from the surface show signs of drought stress first, so you need to incline up the water around your trees.


Ensuring your lawn with the basic essential nutrients is required to grow healthy grass. Fertilizing is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn. Fertilize your lawn properly can make your turf stands healthy and gives the lawn deep green color.

Make sure your fertilizer contains a blend of these 3 major components: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is every lawn’s most important ingredient, and each type of grass requires different amounts to indicate high growth and performance.

Fertilizing lawn using lawn tool


One of the most important elements in lawn care is the control of weeds. When weeds overcome the lawn grass, the soil will become sick, and the grass becomes rough. Use a combined weed control and fertilizer product for your time consumption. These should be properly removed along with the roots, and these should never be allowed for seeding.

weeds grown in the lawn


 Most probably if your lawn is looking ugly, you will need to plant some grass seeds. Overseeding is the sowing of grass seed directly into existing land, without plucking up the turf, or the soil. This is an easy way to fill in uncover spots, improve the density of turf and establish improved grass diversity. Overseeding also enhances your lawn’s color.

overseeding in lawn by using hand


Mulch refers to organic matter, such as leaves or grass cuttings apply to the soil to protect it and supply the essential nutrients. The mulching process improves soil fertility and preserves moisture by overlaying the earth. This means water can be stored more effectively in the ground so that the soil remains loose and will not dry fastly.

Mulching also helps the plants to grow fastly by developing a protective layer from the heavy rains and cold temperatures. Mulching is a valuable method that is used for your lawn to grow quickly and in an efficient way. This mulching can be done once a year for better results.


A Man Aerating The Lawn With Tool

Preferably, aeration in the spring is better for growing grass; all this allows the grass to heal properly. Holes will not allow water and air over the sides when the lawn is a little bit wet. It is better to aerate Lawns with hard or clay soil per year while they have a problem owing the grass to heal properly.

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