10 Best Riding Lawn Mowers of 2021

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If you are looking to buy the best riding lawn mower, with the capability of cutting a couple of acres then this lawn mower is the ideal solution. The riding lawn mower features many extra components at a highly affordable price, and this mower has the power to make short work of smaller yards. All mowers in this review are good buy. 

Before purchasing the riding lawn mower, you need to examine the mower. By test trial, you will get more idea about lawnmowers, like seat cushions, steering wheel knobs, controllers, etc. Every model has the same options but the working capacity is different, make sure to select the lawnmower which is capable of properly hold the clippings and chop the grass finely. If we come across the transmission, most of the people like to buy manual transmission because it is available in less price. Riding mower manual transmission questions will be available here

 In case of riding mowers automatic transmission or hydrostatic transmission models both are good, but if you are looking to increase or decrease the speed without changing gears then this is the best one. The riding lawn mower is similar to a tractor but it is used to cut the deck with the integrated underneath, the function of the mower is simple to cut the grass.

 If you select the dreading mowing the lawn, use more physical effort and it takes more time to cover the whole area. You need to choose right riding lawn mower for the larger lawn which helps you to take less physical activity and acres of grass to cut with the less time. Riding lawn mowers are better than push mowers because they have larger mowing decks so that they can cover large areas in minimum amount of time.


Easy To use 100%
Easy to assemble 90%
Light Weight 87%
Maneuverability 94%



Hydrostatic Transmissions:

Husqvarna comes 18.5 HP with premium performance using hydrostatic transmissions for smooth, variable forward and reverse speed feature which is versatile use by cutting grass in every season.

Air Induction mowing technology:

The mower in-built with Air Induction mowing technology refines airflow within the deck, ensure a clean deck every time when we use, consistent level of cut for every mow. For effective lawn fertilization, this High powered hydrostatic machine is useful for estate managers or a home landscapers

It performs strong foot-panels in heavy-duty steel. Also it has strong front and rear wheels, great potential grass catcher with the simple dumping system.

Design: Tight 16 in. turning radius of Husqvarna YTH18542 allows you to maneuver and require less space for storage. For added versatility, it is equipped with a range of towable accessories and a mulch kit for effective lawn fertilization. 

Ease to Use: 

The YTH18542 features the Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission  which is an excellent advantage to the landscapers to change speed and direction flawlessly, which let them to control the steering wheel with both hands for ideal conditions of driving.

The model comes with ergonomic Adjustable 13 in. mid-back seat that dampens the vibrations, allows to do long mowing jobs tirelessly.

The ergonomic steering wheel can be used as one-handed instrument, where the fast sensor position can be optimized to identify hand pressure which allows you to handle the steering wheel at high scan rate up to 850 Hz

Features of this mower is comfortable to operate such as fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, adjustable seat and an ergonomic steering wheel make these tractors simple. With the help of Reverse operating system, this riding mower allows the operator to mow in reverse with a simple turn of a switch. The compact size of this mower makes you easy to maneuver and require less space for storage. 

Easy To use 94%
Easy to assemble 90%
Light Weight 88%
Maneuverability 87%


Fast Auto Transmission:


It has fast auto transmission, this type of transmission provides high level comfort and fast gear changes. YTA24V48 comes with robust 2-cylinder engine, this engine is so powerful and is made with high quality parts and provides the optimum performance. This transmission doesnt need much time to drive and is available in an affordable price.

Tractive Power:

 This riding mower is versatile, so that you can turn easily and there is no interruption in tractive power. This tractive power models are having large capacity fuel tank and it requires less frequency for refilling. .


Air Induction Technology:

Husqvarna YTA24V48 has air induction technology provides the air intake system which helps the consistency in cutting. The advantage of this cold intake system can increase acceleration as well as mileage to the lawn mower. 

Ergonomic Design:

This mower steering wheel is designed with the ergonomic design to reduce the risk factors, to improve the productivity, quality and safe culture. The mower seat is so comfortable and feel like you are driving a small car. 

Fender Mounted Deck:

Convenient fender mounted deck is used to assist the easy operation and installation. Because of this fender mounted deck, the mower can cover over the vertical range.

Easy To Use: If you are looking for the powerful machine with the reasonable price then this mower is the perfect choice. This mower impress any homeowner, it provides high quality results and performs good every time. Husqvarna gives an outstanding value and reliability, it will cut over 4 acres of grass with the runtime. This riding lawn mower design is very  good looking as well as performance, so ease and good for fuel consumption.


Easy To use 96%
Easy to assemble 82%
Light Weight 82%
Maneuverability 80%


Single Cylinder Engine:

382cc Single Troy bilt engine are usually simple and compact. This single cylinder engine helps good potential and provides airflow around all sides of the cylinder. The airflow is more for single cylinder than the multi cylinder engines. 

Cutting Width:

Troy-Bilt 382cc has 30 in. cutting width, and is adjustable 11/4in. to 3 3/4in. If the cutting width is large then it will reduce the time to spend on mowing lawn. Most of the lawn mowers have adjustable cutting heights so that you can simply move the blades and it is easy to maneuver rider performance. 

Auto Choke OHV Engine:


This land mower is powered by an auto choke OHV engine with a 6-speed transmission. This engine is reliable with the auto choke comfort system and easy to use. Auto choke is designed with the high quality materials and components, so that you can use it long term. This troy-bilt engine performs high and also you can use it in any weather conditions. You can check fuel tank capacity before starting with the help of fuel sight window. 


This riding lawn mower is designed with an 18-inch turning radius along with the front and rear wheels. With the help of 18in. turning radius you can easily navigate the borders in the gardening space. With the space-saving design, the riding mower can easily store anywhere like garages and sheds. 

Shift-on-the-Go(TM) Transmission:

This shift on the go transmission is a simple design which combines single speed transmission with forward and backward gears. The speed control can be adjusted by the seven positions. The foot clutch is connected with the same control, and it is similar to a cruise control.

Ease to Use: With the help of a soft-touch steering wheel, riding makes you comfortable and reduces the vibration. Cleaning the yard is easy by using a rear bagger so that you can collect grass clippings and leaves. You may use a bag or compost for disposal. Using a rear hitch helps you to pull garden cards, sprayers, and spreaders

Easy To use 100%
Easy to assemble 88%
Light Weight 85%
Maneuverability 90%


26 kohler Engine: 

This engine is used for residential use and has an extraordinary features which makes easy to operate and maintain your lawn. This engine provides even power levels, consistent starts and reduced fuel use. This mower is available with highest price tag and efficient with less noise and less wear on the engine. It provides a Kohler engine which is a powerful reliable startup with a minimum speed of 26 HP and it can go up to the maximum speed of 6.5 MPH.

This riding lawn mower performance was perfect and it looks good. It has a park brake system which will automatically switch on or off, and steering levers are moving front side or backside. 

Design: It includes specially integrated air induction mowing technology used to draws air from top to bottom. By using this technology you can swiftly cut the grass and deliver a superior cut. 

Heavy flat-stock steel:

 This lawnmower is designed with heavy flat-stock steel for long life, and clippings can be discharged, mulched, or bagged. This heavy flat stock steel added strength and durabilty to the lawn mower. It has many features to be popular, as the process of cutting-edge the grass.

Ease to Use: 

With this innovative technology, it helps you maintenance-free transmission so that you can use this mower for long period without any issues. The transmission is sealed and never needs maintenance. These built transmissions have proven that these riding lawn mowers are dependable and are simple to use.

Easy To use 85%
Easy to assemble 89%
Light Weight 80%
Maneuverability 78%


163cc OHV Engine:

 Troy Bilt TB130 comes with powerful OHV engine, along with auto choke packs which helps to cut the grass even in rough areas. This 163cc engine is large in size and gives best performance. This engine provides more power and run smoothly, and consumes less fuel and can save money. Rust-resistant 21-inch Steel deck works quickly and efficiently. This rust resistant is designed to reduce the rust in the mower. 


cutting deck:

It comes with 21-inch diameter steel cutting deck along with the triaction cutting system. Cutting deck can reach under branches and hedges to cut the trees perfectly. Also it can reach any tight places and cut the grass even in the edges of your lawn. The deck moves freely and independent itself, and provides the excellent mulched finish for your lawn.

Fuel Tank Window:

It includes a clear fuel tank window, which will show you how much gas has left and the capacity of fuel tank is 1.3 quart. Fuel tanks are kept clean, safe and maintained well. The main purpose of fuel tank are to store securely and provides enough fuel to the machine and keep the fuel clean and safe.

Ease to Use: 

It has 5 adjustable height settings for your comfort. It is made with sturdy durable 14-gauge steel so that it will come several years. This lawn mower is made up of small stature so that it easy to handle. If the mower is small in size you can save garage space, and shed space. Even if you are going with the high speed, with the help of a padded mid-back seat you may feel comfortable saddle.

What Should You Consider While You Invest in Riding Lawn Mower ?


When you decide to buy riding lawn mowers depends based on size, power, and cost. It is difficult to determine the best lawn mower for your yard. First you need to know about yard size, horsepower, fuel type, and other factors to consider which is the best riding lawn mower that suits your needs. Each lawn mower are unique, different in lawn size and capacity of fuel tank. Some lawn mowers provides good performance with high price, the other can perform good with low prices.

Gas vs. Electric

Gas-powered mowers require gasoline to cut the grass in the yard. If you have a large property and you need to use it with stones, bumps, and tough sprigs of grass, then this gas-powered motor is the best one. Gas-powered lawn mowers provide the highest power output and they can cut throughout the grass without any issues. Electric mowers have an electric cable to supply the power to the mower. But the electric lawn mower can not be able to handle the stones, because it may damage the blades of electrical components. Also, the motor might burnout after the usage of few months.

Cutting Width

The cutting width is the width of the lawnmower’s cutting area. If the cutting width is wide, then it takes less time and it will take you to mow your lawn. The mowing area of 30 to 40 inches can continuously mow lawn up to half-acre. If your yard is more than half-acre to 2 acres then you need 42 to 48 inches, while the yard is more than 3 acres it requires more decks of 50 inches or wider. Avoid getting a mower to take big lawn for your yard.


Considering the Horsepower is depends on the width of the cutting deck. If your lawnmower width is up to 42-inch cutting width, then go for a 14-horsepower engine and adequately power the deck and drive wheels. If it is more than 42-inch to 46-inch cutting deck, then consider a 14 to 16 horsepower engine will be fine. If the mowers with 46-inch to 54-inch cutting deck need 18 to 24 horsepower engine. If you want powerful mower for your particular yard, first you need to understand the horse power and the type of mower that you are planning to buy. 

Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel tank capacity is one of the important factor to consider while buying a lawn mower. The riding lawn mower average capacity of fuel is about 2 gallons of gas, while larger mowers carry 3-4 gallons of gas. Because at the middle of your mowing lawn, no need to stop multiple times to refill the tank. Each has a different fuel tank designed to work with that particular model. The capacity of the fuel is depends on the size of the mower and the horsepower. The fuel efficiency is low then it need more fuel to operate the mower.

Battery Life and Run Time

The battery-powered riding mowers have advancements in battery technology. Also, the run time of the mower depends on many variables like terrain and lawn type. Some mowers get a run time between 30 and 60 minutes on one charge, then you need to stop the mower at the middle and charge your battery about an hour. Recently the gas powered mowers have improved and provides the cut quality, and blade design. Also maximize the battery life, so that it will give the maximum run time in the lawn. If you are really care about the environment then select the battery mower to save the environment. 


Riding lawn mowers have designed seating more comfortable to complete the task of mowing the lawn. It is constructed with thickly padded seats with high backs for comfort, if you want to buy larger models it has padded armrests with cup holders. This lawnmower has spring-coil shock absorbers below the seat or built into the frame.


The common average riding lawn mower weighs between 300 and 600 pounds, the average lawnmower weighing about 450 pounds. If the mowers have more horsepower then it weight more. If you are planning to buy a push lawn mower then only you need to consider the weight of the mower. Using lighter push power you can easily cut of your lawn, and it is easy to maneuver even in the tight spaces. Cant judge a mower to handle easily based on the standard weight alone. 

If the Selected lawn mower having extra weight then it has a stability for riding lawn mowers, the heavier lawn mowers mostly have the better components. If you have a plan to mow your riding lawnmower in different locations, then only prefer to buy less weight lawnmower.


Before using your lawn mower, should wear goggles, hearing protection, gloves and long pants. Cuts may occur, normally lawn mowers have sharp blade so take safety measures. Variety of injuries may occur because of the wires or loose objects, or the hot engine of the mower can cause burns. Stop the engine and allow it to cool before refueling. Never try to insert hands or feet into the mower to remove grass, even if the motor turned off. You may use stick to remove the grass in the mower because blade can spin long time. 


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