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Were you looking for the best lawn sweeper? After purchasing and hand testing 20 sweeper models of 2023 over the past three years, we recently bought 5 of the best models next to each other in comparison. Our lawn experts made comparative tests on these tools over the large hill slopes and rigid areas over time and challenged situations like sweeping in hill rocks, sticks, and trash.

Well, you’re looking for the best model for your lawn with the most delicate features or a great value option. Using our carefully selected performance metrics, we’ve identified which sweepers will keep your lawn neatly and effectively, which makes your lawn property the best.

We have reviewed the best products in our article based on the cost and performance in the market. Our team’s extensively vigorous lawn review will give you a good idea about the pull behind and push lawn sweepers. We’re confident that you will have a clear idea about the best model for your lawn by the end of this guide.

Easy To use 86%
Easy To Assemble 89%
Lighweight 91%
Maneuverability 87%

This AGRI FAB 45 has adjustable height settings. With the adjustable settings, our team tested that debris can remove as possible in a single sweep. Due to its lightweight nature, this is easy to handle and move around.

We verified this one completes the task 10 times easier and enhances excellent performance. Due to its lightweight nature, this is easy to handle and move around. Plus, this model will last for long years with a combination of polypropylene fabric and a zinc-coated frame.

We find that the Agri Fab 26-inch sweeping deck makes a solid competitor to the Scotts lawn sweeper. The model’s foldable hopper bag has a large capacity, approximately includes a 7-cubic foot hopper bag. It collects all kinds of waste and stores them with ease. You can quickly empty it, making it ready for subsequent use when the bag is full, saving a lot of time and effort.

When we tested this model’s bag quality of this model, we find that bag is built from high-quality material and catches many lawn dirt and wastes such as twigs, grass cuttings, etc. Plus, this model’s flat-free wheels make you move the machine in whatever direction you want to sweep.

This Agri fab comes with an easy discharge lever for the hopper, and we find the four sweeping brushes perform efficient operations. With this easy to use push style lawn sweeper, it is pretty convenient to throw out of the debris from the hopper bag in no time.

We proposed that Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper is the best lawn pull behind lawn sweeper on the buy list. Because of its lightweight design and efficient performance, this sweeper never fails to impress buyers. And it is undoubtedly worth every penny!

This Push lawn sweeper has everything a great sweeper wants to have. It allows for easy handling and movement. It won’t take long to clear your lawn of all kinds of dirt and debris with this sweeper. You will enjoy sweeping your yard with this tool.


Easy To use 82%
Easy to assemble 87%
Light Weight 93%
Maneuverability 89%

The Scotts push lawn sweeper is one of our favorites. It offers an outstanding balance of performance and bears the cost, and we make this the best budget model in this review. Scotts features an expansive 26-inch sweeping deck, make it proper for clearing medium-sized to large-scale gardens.

This one is from lightweight plastic, and other parts are through durable steel, which drives the tool durable and easy to use. We review one more fantastic feature of the sweeper is the empty and extensive fixed hopper. It consists of rugged, weather-resistant material which is light in weight and remains dry in all seasons.

The sweeper catches leaves and other waste in a single pass due to the rotating brushes in this model’s three stable spinning sets. You can also adjust the sweeper’s height by using a dial mechanism ; you turn the knob around and change the size. We checked the extensive collection hopper bag of this one, which ensures easy going to the compost heap to discharge.

If you’re planning on buying this sweeper, make sure to use it with care. We suggest you buy this if you have a small or narrow lawn, where this tool works perfectly well. Since this from polypropylene fabric, it is highly flexible to UV damage. Unlike the various push style lawn sweepers on the market, this one is light enough, which means you can easily store it.

If you’re on a tight budget and need a sweeper at an affordable price range, this one is what you should go to. We recommend the Scotts lawn sweeper, which supports even the severe lawn waste and lasts for years

Easy To use 90%
Easy to assemble 84%
Light Weight 83%
Maneuverability 85%

Our team place this yard commander 42 inches sweeper as the best tow behind lawn sweeper comparable to others. The model can use by joining it to any lawn tractor, after which you can start with the task of cleaning the lawn. We reviewed this as the best pick for large lawns. It has an easy and suitable design that secures simple operation.

This lawn sweeper helps you save your time and a lot of effort and leaves your lawn looking clean. We want to highlight this yard commander’s excellent brush design, as the design is compatible with a collapsible hopper bag that is great for storage. This model operates well in a variety of areas, all because of its huge wheels!

The yard commander has many noticeable features; getting a 12.9 cubic foot nylon hopper removes all debris types. Its keen and well-built 10.5-inch rubber wheels provide smooth rotates over your lawn. The rust-resistant powder coat finish of the tool sustains long durable. We are amazed by its specific cross brush design consisting of four brushes, which makes sweep waste from surfaces. 

The yard commander is used superbly for all types of lawns, including small and narrow, etc. With its four brushes feature, the tool fastly collects dried grass and leaves gives your property a fresher look. We suggested going for the yard commander if you’re looking for a pleasure, hassle-free lawn cleanup.

Easy To use 90%
Easy to assemble 92%
Light Weight 88%
Maneuverability 84%

We pick up Ohio steel as the most potent lawn sweeper in the 2021 guide list. Because of its 42-inch sweeping width, this one is suitable for the most extensive residential lawns out there. This model possesses a vast size and is ideal for expansive lawns, yards, and gardens. And we observed that not all the tool comes with a large hopper, but Ohio comes up with whopping 26 cubic foot capacity hopper compared with the Yard Commander 42 Inches lawn sweeper.

This sweeper offers a heavy-duty steel body and 11-inch coiled brushes. At the same time, these are from solid and long-lasting polypropylene that forces all sorts of damages. We noticed the “no-slip” height adjustment of this tool maintains the brush setting and keeps it in position.

This model also features an impressive 4.5 to 1 brush wheel turning measure, making quick and sharp turns while cleaning lawns. Its super-wide 9-inch slideway prevents potential wheel blocking. Despite how dirty your yard is, the Ohio Steel Pro will sweep all the waste from leaves to grass clippings.

Its unique design and larger spaces make efficient performance immediately. We suggest that if you have a big lawn, then the Ohio Steel Pro Sweep is the perfect option to go

Easy To use 90%
Easy to assemble 86%
Light Weight 83%
Maneuverability 87%

When we reviewed the Earthwise Push Lawn Sweeper, it offers effective lawn raking and sweeping, saving your time and energy. In just a single sweep, this tool removes all the waste from your yard. The work of sweeping becomes simple, all thanks to its long and wide brushes.

This model’s most noticeable feature is its two large brushes, great for raking leaves, debris with little to no hassle. The Earthwise has adjustable height control, where the up-front dial-in height adjuster makes it easier while adjusting. The 21-inch sweeper also comes with an easily detachable waste bag. This tool can gather all of this in its sizeable 3.6-heap bucket.

Disposing of waste materials are accessible once the collection bag is full. You can hang the cleaning tool in your garage wall with its durable hook while not use this.

We were sure that the Earthwise sweeper is an excellent choice if this is your first time buying a lawn sweeper. It is perfect for beginners, and this one won’t let disappoint you at all.
Added up this, the push lawn sweeper contains a 90-day warranty. If in case, you’re not pleased with the tool, you can get it exchanged or fully repaid.

What to Consider When Buying a Lawn Sweeper

Size of the Lawn

Before deciding which lawn sweeper to take home, it is better to consider yard size. We suggest the three best sweeper models In this review. As for Medium Lawn, Earthwise 21-Inch Leaf and Grass Push Lawn Sweeper is best for investing your money.

And for Large Lawn Ohio steel, 42SWP22 is the best choice. Lastly, For assets with lots of lands, we suggest investing in a Tow-behind sweeper. They’re pretty tricky on the user, and they can make work fast of cleaning an entire field.

Hopper Capacity

The size of your hopper or collection bag is essential. The bigger it is, the less work you have to do to make it empty. The bigger it is, the less often you have to empty. Hopper capacity depends on the machine’s size, but it’s still worth considering when choosing your sweeper.

We prefer Ohio Steel 42SWP22, an extensive model for your property that comes up with a whopping 26 cubic foot capacity hopper than other lawn sweepers. We advised buying this; if you want a larger hopper capacity for your lawn, makes sure to save your energy and efforts.

Brush-to-Wheel Ratio

Lawn sweepers generally make use of cylindrical brushes to clean debris up from the lawn into the hopper. We observed that Tow-sweepers feature large 8-inch to 10-inch air-filled wheels, which allows you to move the machine with ease. Its wheels drive the brushes, which rotates even faster than the wheels turn.

We notice the Yard Commander 42 inches behind sweeper operates well in various areas because of its massive wheels! Its keen and well-built 10.5-inch rubber wheels provide smooth spins over your lawn. While we identify max residential push or electric sweepers come along rubber tires or plastic wheels. Whichever model you choose, ensure the wheels have plenty of grips to work.

Sweeping Deck

The sweeping deck width is one primary thing while buying a sweeper for your lawn. It specifies how much lawn area you can cover while pushing. We recommend for small to medium-size yards, better looking for deck widths between 12-inches to 16-inches. Or, if you have a large garden, you’ll find sweeping decks containing width upto 26-inches.

Generally, Tow-behind sweepers can have cutting decks up to 48-inches in width for example; Yard Commander contains sweeping width of 42 Inches. The broader the deck, the more debris it collects with each pass. Well, larger sweeping decks make the machine harder to handle. Expansive wide decks make it challenging to get into tight corners. Choose the right one according to your lawn yard size.

Adjustable Sweeping Height


Generally, total height doesn’t refer to the lawn sweeper’s peak but the brushes’ size from the surface. Investing in the best lawn sweepers will allow you to adjust the brush height. We observe different brush heights work most excellent for different kinds of debris and grass lengths. So, the ability to easily adjust the brush height is a significant advantage. By changing the size, you’ll check the lawn sweeper is performing to its potential.

If you look for sweepers like Tow-behind, you may have to frequently adjust the brush height to gain the best size for your lawn mower’s speed. We suggest choosing a lawn sweeper which offers an adjustable height sweeping deck because you can easily customize the sweeper according to your lawn and lawn condition’s length by adjusting the size.


Choosing the right lawn sweeper for your lawn needs and your budget can be a challenge. Our comparative review has something for everyone, from having a small lawn yard to a larger one. To ensure you don’t have to, we researched, purchased, and tested 5 of the best in the market to determine which were suited for the large and small lawns and medium ones with the highest performing hopper capacity, sweeping deck width, and height. After purchasing, testing, and moving around in the lawn yard, we evaluated the quality of each model. We hope that our research will help guide you to the pair of lawn sweepers you must need for your lawn.

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