5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers of 2021

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If you are in search of best electric lawn mower, you can compare, research and choose the suitable model based on your and budget. If you are interested and understand which mower provides the best value, performance, and features, then this bestofmechanics is the perfect place to start. Electric lawn mowers are eco friendly and cost effective. Prefer a lightweight mower, so that it was easy to start turning out in the small yard and you can get it with less price. Before buying lawn mowers, you need to go for test trial so that you will know all information about the mowers.

Also the lawn mower match with your budget preferences and warranty details to minimize the repairing costs. Electric lawn mower is the best affordable solution to cut the grass uniformly by using high efficient blades. The main advantage of buying electric lawn mower are less noisy compared with the gas mowers. These mowers are lighter because their motor weight is heavy. But these mowers are little expensive than the gas mowers. The electric lawn mower doesn’t pollute and it is safe to use. These are ideal for cutting grass safely on the slopes of grass and effectively.

This electric lawn mower has blade spins inside a deck, it helps the deck to select the grass length and density using the height adjustments levers. We can mow ordinary yards with cool-season turfgrasses like bluegrass, fescue, and perennial rye. We can also mow this lawn for flats, uphill, sidehill and downhill. Also, the electric mower helps you into and out of swales throughout the roots and cut around flower beds, trees, and rocks. Better try to avoid cutting the grass off with an up-and-down motion on the slope, because it may cause accidents at the great heights. Prepare electric lawn mowers in winter storage.


Easy To use 92%
Easy to assemble 89%
Light Weight 88%
Maneuverability 84%

Performance: EGO Power+ cordless lawn mower features a hard-wearing steel deck with large cutting capacities. By using this Steel deck, you can install it easily and it is cost-effective. This LM1701E 56v lawnmower has a compact 42cm cutting width and 3 in 1 mowing functions. If the mower has large cutting width, it will reduce how much time you spend on cutting the grass. EGO 21 is a little expensive but it is powerful at cutting and also works fast. EGO 21″ POWER comes up with high capacity grass box, and available in an affordable price.

Design: This EGO 21 power+ self-propelled mower can receive all torque of gas, which helps to twist force so that the blades can rotate easily without any noise. This torque of gas makes cleaning and storage simple, cutting grass is smooth and easy to use mowing experience. By using this latest Lithium-Ion Battery technology, minimizes maintenance without oil, clutch, throttle, belts, or gears and provides efficient power. This technology is hassle-free, you can cut, trim, or mowing grass patches in order to cut the grass at even height. When we discuss the storage, it has folds for compact storage and doesn’t take too much space in your garden.

Ease to use: Single level adjustment mechanism helps you to adjust the height of an associated mower. It requires time and effort to adjust the height of the lawnmower, also the operator can adjust the height based on the front and rear wheels of the mow body. With the help of a single lever, you can easily adjust the 6 position deck height which is based on your comfort. EGO provides LED headlights so that you can use your lawn even at night time also.

If we compare regular blades with the mulching blades, these come with 21-inch mulching blades. It can perform 3 jobs like discharge or bag clippings, chop into a fine mulch and keep them in the lawn.


Easy To use 88%
Easy to assemble 91%
Light Weight 87%
Maneuverability 84%

Performance: This Greenworks corded mower runs on a 12-amp motor, it delivers enough power to the mower to cut the grass and maintain it in the small lawn. This motor is more powerful to tackle the toughest mowing jobs and it is useful for homeowners.

 This Greenworks uses a rugged stamped steel cutting deck, it can cut the grass fast, efficiently, and is available at a low cost. The main advantage of using this corded lawn mower is no need to worry about charging when you are mowing the lawn.

Design: A corded lawn mower uses a 14-inch cutting deck which provides the quality of moving freely in the lawn with balance. The cutting capacity is based on the height of the grass and the cutting width is different in mid-sized areas. The cutting deck is a good choice with an affordable price to clean your garden faster and efficiently. Using this cam lock handle you can keep your upper and lower handles locked on the lawn.

Ease to Use: By using this 14-inch cutting deck, you can easily mow your lawn to cut the grass and easy to maintain your lawn. It has a push-button start for your seat comfortable. Here you can select from seven height positions and is based on your comfort. Based on the height positions you may easily cut the grass, it may be short or large on your choice. It performs the smooth operation and less noise.

Easy To use 89%
Easy to assemble 90%
Light Weight 87%
Maneuverability 83%

Performance: Select the 20-in corded electric lawn mower which is one of the best lawn mowers for your yard. If you have a small garden like half an acre, then this Sun Joe 20-inch corded electric lawn mower is the best, it will be both functional and affordable. Sun Joe mower has a 14. 5 gal Grass collection bag capacity and is healthy for your lawn to maintain the bag. The advantage of using the bag is that clippings are returned to the lawn, and provide nutrients to help the soil retain moisture.

Design: This mower is designed to mow low to provide a smooth surface and increase the speed immediately after rolling the lawn. The durability of the steel blade cuts a 20-inch wide path with precision on each and every pass. Providing the features of a convenient 7-position manual height adjustment for maximum control. It is important to know the mower attachments and adjustments in the lawn like no. of blades, dust bag, power cord, and height adjustment settings. Manual height adjustment settings help you to speed up the trimming or shaping process of the grass. The electric mower is equipped with a detachable 14.5 gallon rear collection bag for quick and easy disposal.

Ease to Use: It includes zero carbon emissions to clean the air, and it emits 14.4 kg of carbon per year. This zero-carbon emission is slightly higher than the manual hand push mower, no need to worry about the length of the main cable it comes along with the battery. These electric mowers are effortless with virtually zero maintenance, and reliable for the season after season. It also helps for a better environment. It is powerful to cut the tall grass and uneven ground. It is easy to maintain and easy to startup.

Easy To use 88%
Easy to assemble 89%
Light Weight 83%
Maneuverability 80%

Performance: If you are looking for a traditional riding lawn mower, then get this green alternative electric riding mower. Providing level cut with the 38in, 2-blade deck with a 12-position manual adjustment. The 12-Position Manual Deck Adjustment always provides a clean-cut to your lawn every time. It is a complete electric riding mower lineup with zero emissions and the maintenance charge is too low. You can experience the performance of clean power today itself. Using this electric lawn mower no need to use gas or fumes, you just need to charge and go to mow.

Design: Instead of using traditional gas, use this electric riding lawn mower with 100Ah lead-acid batteries which will offer you two and a half hours of run time. The battery of this mower is inexpensive and is easy to manufacture. It is quiet and emits 70 dB to allow for mowing without any disturbance to anyone nearby. This lawnmower is equipped with an LED headlights, it includes a USB phone charger to charge your phone while mowing.

Ease to Use: Also, it has a cruise control feature, to control effortlessly negotiates even difficult terrain and harsh working conditions. You can also access the rear charging port which makes your rider easy. This mower doesn’t need belts, spark plugs, or filters, there is no maintenance for this lawnmower.


Easy To use 87%
Easy to assemble 89%
Light Weight 84%
Maneuverability 80%

Performance: The features of this self-propelled rear-wheel drive provide the best performance, increased traction, and unbeatable convenience. With the help of rear-wheel drive, It can easily terrain with hills, valleys and it can mow wheels to push the mower ahead no matter. The advantage of using this self-propelled lawnmower is it can handle the extra weight, instead of the operator, so that the operator can easily use this mower.

Without any driving knowledge, you can easily mow this mower with the help of a push-button start, an easy-lift bag, and LED headlights. The intelligent brushless mower provides load-sensing technology to deliver a longer battery life. This technology provides high power to the wheel. If the Lithium-Ion Battery provides higher productivity then lower power consumption at idle which means it gives higher fuel efficiency.

Design: We can detect and deliver the power for maintaining the optimal cutting speed, resulting in maximum power and runtime. While using this Ryobi 20 in. 40-volt, you won’t feel tough by its design, and comfort. This Ryobi 20 in. runs on a 6Ah high-capacity lithium-ion battery which will deliver approximately 42 minutes of runtime per charge. Mostly all-electric self-propelled mowers are 3 in 1 mulching, bagging but this has different side discharge capabilities.

 Ease to Use: Also this Ryobi 20 in. has a seven-position height adjustment, so that it can cut cleanly to your lawn every time. You can easily handle approximately half an acre by using this Ryobi. You can easily complete your lawn work the way you want it. Any user can easily use this mower conveniently, and this is the perfect option for your yard. Without the hassle of gas and oil, you can start mowing it in seconds with the help of a single height adjustment.

Guide : Before Buying an Electric Lawn Mower


Safety precautions:

Before operating the equipment, first, you need to read the instructions carefully. Do not use this electric lawnmower in rain or wet conditions. Children under 14 years do not operate it. Don’t use it with wet hands. You cant use it on slopes exceeding 2.5 feet. Need to remove the stones, sticks, wires, all hard things in your yard.

Then you can easily mow your mower without any discomfort. While mowing better to wear protective goggles, gloves, and footwear. The electric mower has a polarised plug, which helps you to reduce the risk of electric shock. To reduce the electric shock, there is an extension cord and receptacle are used.

Easy to Install:

Electric mowers are easy to install and use. By reading the manual, you can do it easily and it is lightweight. Aligning the upper and lower handles on both sides of the mower. From the backside attach the grass catcher bag before plugging, also connect the outdoor extension cord. While mowing, if you want to unplug the cord use the cord retainer but make sure to loop the cord. just spend 15minutes of time installing, using the instruction booklet. To start the engine you just press on the button and squeezed the bail switch bar to activate the mower. If you want to turn it off, just release the bail switch.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

While buying lawn mowers, you will get a manual that includes the lawnmower cleaning and maintenance description. Just read the instructions and follow the process before cleaning or maintenance. You must clean outside of the mower, blades, chute, chassis, and wheels/rollers. Need to check nuts and bolts for tightness before mowing the lawn. Also, check the blade for dents and sharpness. If your mower is a petrol mower, then fill it with fresh petrol before using your lawn, and don’t fill it while mowing the lawn. Disconnect the spark plug then only you should turn off the petrol on the petrol mower before cleaning the blades.

Cost of the Mowers:

The average price of the electric lawn mowers on the market retail is about 150$. The majority price comparison of the lawnmowers from between around 150$ to about $220, it is low to the mid-range product. The price of the mowers may differ quite a bit with different retailers. So buying these products just check from all retailers wise to shop. It gives the warranty only for the material defects and it should be used for personal use. Within 4 years any repairs will be free of charge. This warranty is not applicable to one who is a commercial user.

Oil Checking:

Before using the lawnmower, you need to check the oil level and also check the floating debris. If the oil becomes black color or contaminated oil, then remove it completely and replaced it. If you want to change the oil, need to remove the drain plug underneath the mower and keep it under the sun. Then it will dry completely, now you can fill the oil completely. If your electric mower doesn’t have a drain plug, then need to remove the mower carefully and drain it using the fill hole. Make sure you need to check the manual if you are doing it correctly or not and have a look at which type of oil to use. How To Check And Change The Oil On A Lawn Mower With A Briggs & Stratton Engine

Charging time:

If you want to buy a cordless electric mower, then it needs charging eventually. The charging time may differ from model to model. Some of the mowers may run 30 minutes, the other type of mowers can run hours without a charge. It may depend on the size of your lawn to select if you don’t want to run out of power through a job. How much run time can I expect from the battery? Of course, we have many types of mowers, no need to worry about charging at all, select the corded mower, speed is more and work is also completed fast.

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